How do I apply?
Complete our quick and easy online credit application from the comfort of your own office, home or even mobile phone. Takes only minutes to complete!

When can I find out?
Once completed, your credit application data is instantly directed to our finance department, where one of our qualified financial manager will review and assess your application and contact you within the same day.

Is it safe to apply online?
Your information provided is 100% secured. We care about your privacy, and all information provided will solely be used to secure a loan on your behalf.

What are the requirements?
Most lenders prefer minimum 10% down, a down payment is always beneficial when obtaining an auto loan. It is not necessary in some cases,  but it may be a deciding factor based on your situation. Three months of current employment, with proof of income such as recent pay stubs (no later than 60 days from application) or employment letter, or last two years of your Notice of Assessments.

If I apply do I have to purchase a vehicle?
No obligation pre-approvals! Apply today to see what options we can provide for you!

Will this affect my credit score?
Each application you have submitted at a dealership will most likely show the submission to various lenders on your credit bureau.
Other dealers "shotgun" your application to multiple lenders looking for the best approval, saving time and effort.
Our credit specialist thoroughly reviews your situation and bureau prior to any submissions, meaning less inquires affecting your score.
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