If you want to protect your vehicle's tires and wheels from the rough roads you may encounter, check out MOPAR's extensive road hazard and tire/wheel protection warranty. If you want protection on all four of your tires and wheels, this is the warranty that has you covered.

This warranty gives you a replacement or full repair coverage if you experience tire or wheel damage due to road hazards. The coverage also provides free stems, mounting and balancing on original equipment and aftermarket wheels and tires. You will also receive a free tire pressure sensor gauge replacement if it is damaged from hazardous road conditions. There is no deductible when you visit Dodge City Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, and you can opt-in to MOPAR's roadside and towing assistance.

If you are traveling around Saskatoon, and you are worried about road hazards, come see us today and schedule an appointment to discuss this top-rated road hazard tire and wheel warranty.



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