When you drive your car, it should always be properly aligned. Hard bumps and off-road driving conditions will always throw the alignment on your vehicle, and it’s your responsibility to bring your car into places like Dodge City Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to put your alignment straight to avoid unnecessary wear of the tires and suspension. Four-wheel-drive vehicles have alignment adjustments that can be made on both the front and the rear of the vehicle, so needless to say, keeping everything in place is important.

You may be wondering what alignment is, and that’s okay. If you break it down simply, alignment is a process of adjusting the caster, camber, and toe.

You will know your steering is out of alignment when you have to correct steering while driving in a straight line. If you need an alignment or any other service performed on your vehicle, visit us at Dodge City Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram where we can put your wheels driving straight again.

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