Ride In Comfort In The Ram 2500

Here at Dodge City Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we know that a comfortable vehicle interior is important. Drivers in Saskatoon have already discovered the wonderful interior features of the Ram 2500. This popular heavy-duty pickup truck is the perfect example of how innovation has the ability to create the optimum driving experience.

A quiet ride is not what you would usually expect to experience in a pickup. Take a Ram 2500 for a test drive, and you’ll be surprised by the quietness of the ride. The engineers at Ford have developed an Active Noise Cancellation system that works with exterior sensors to provide a quiet and vibration-free driving experience.

Unlike many pickups, the Ram 2500 boasts a cabin with plenty of comfort. Reclining rear seats have the ability to recline up to 15 degrees, passengers will enjoy 43 inches of legroom and there is plenty of storage behind the seats.

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