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Your Battery Questions Answered

Why are Batteries important?

Your battery provides the jolt of electricity that is required to start your vehicle. In addition, it runs the lights and provides the alternator a place to store the electricity that it generates while the car is in operation. Your battery is a fairly easy maintenance item that does not require frequent replacement, but should be frequently checked to ensure proper operation. Below are some common questions about vehicle batteries.

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Signs My Battery Needs Replacing?

Here are the most common signs that a battery replacement is needed:

  • Your starter motor is slow to turn over
  • Your battery light stays illuminated while your engine is running
  • Your battery loses power fast in cold or extended starts
  • Your headlights dim when the engine idles
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Which Batteries are Best?

It's best to stick with your manufacturer's recommended battery replacement or an Original Equipment Manufacturer battery. OEM Parts are specifically designed for your vehicle and offer a seamless transition. Also, OEM batteries usually include a limited warranty upon purchase. Some replacement batteries are designed specifically for extreme temperatures, so choose a battery that best suits your driving habits and climates.

To determine if it’s time for replacement or if you’re unsure which battery will best suit your needs, see your Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Jeep® or Ram dealer. They’re sure to have the right battery for your vehicle in their parts department and they can install it right there.

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