Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires: Which One is Safer For Saskatoon’s Tough Winter?

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Saskatoon’s Winter Driving Conditions and The Big Question of Should I Buy Winter Tires or All-Season Tires?

This post can help you.

About only 47% of Canadian drivers use winter tires. Winter tires provide better grip and stop on dangerous, icy winter surfaces, though.

Sometimes people don’t have the storage space for an extra set of tires, which is why they stick with their all-season tires. Other car owners are reluctant to spend the money on a different set.

Automobiles with winter tires create better friction against ice and snow. You can find winter tires for sale so that you aren’t breaking the bank for safety’s sake.

Do you want to learn more about the difference between all-season and winter tires? Do you want to find a great deal in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan?

Keep reading to learn more about different tires and where to find winter tires for sale!

All-Season vs Winter Tires

What’s the difference between all-season and winter tires, and why do vehicle owners choose one over the other? Depending on where you live in Canada, the choice is an important one.

All-Season Tires

All-season tires have specific rubber compounds and tread patterns, making them suitable for a wide range of weather conditions. They’re good in the rain, a range of hot and cold temperatures, and can stand up to light snow.

While many drivers in Canada use them all year round, they’re not 100% suitable and safe for the cold and snowy winter season in Saskatchewan.

The rubber on all-season tires is designed to stay flexible, even in colder temperatures that hover around the freezing point.

While “all-season” implies that tires are suitable for all seasons, this isn’t the case. They are engineered to have pliability for every season, but they shouldn’t be used as a replacement for winter tires.

Winter Tires

Winter tires are made to work best in cold temperatures. They have rubber compounds built to stay flexible in extremely cold temperatures, which is why they maintain grip during freezing cold weather.

In some cases, winter tires have specific tread patterns that help them grip or “bite” into the snow. A lot of winter tires also allow for the installation of metal studs. Even though winter tires provide superior ice traction to all-season tires, metal studs increase their slip prevention abilities.

In northern places like Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, winter tires are the best way to stay safe while driving.

Plus, when you take advantage of specials like our BUY THREE TIRES and GET ONE FREE deal, you’ll get your money’s worth AND stay safe during the harsh winter months.

Make Your Tires Last Longer

For car owners reluctant to purchase an entirely different set of tires for the winter months, there are ways to make your tires last longer so that you can use them again the next season.

You might think that using your winter tires all year long saves money, but it won’t. Winter tires aren’t designed for average temperatures. The rubber becomes too soft during hot weather, so it’s best to switch yours out during the spring and put them back on after Thanksgiving.

It’s important to always use the same style of tires on all 4 of your car’s wheels, too. If you mix and match, you’ll end up compromising your traction and taking away from the efficiency and safety of your tires.

If you live in an area where winter means lots of snow for the majority of the season’s months, it’s crucial to invest in some great winter tires. As long as you switch your tires during the warmer seasons, your winter tires can last you for 3 to 4 seasons.

You can also invest in a tire and wheel protection plan for added security.

Let’s take a look at some of the best winter tire brands and options!

Winter Tires for Sale

When you’re purchasing winter tires, it’s important to choose a brand that works best for you and with your vehicle. Plus, look for winter tires for sale so that you get a great deal and don’t have to break the bank.

Whether you’re looking for Michelin, Goodyear, or any other tire brand, we offer a BUY THREE TIRES and GET ONE FREE deal!

BFGoodrich Winter Tires

BFGoodrich winter tires are one of the top-rated for snow traction. They’re also highly rated for off-road traction. Many BFGoodrich winter tires come with a 6-year warranty, too.

They’re perfect for either wet or dry snow and ice conditions.

An American brand originally, BFGoodrich, was acquired by the French brand Michelin, in 1990.

Michelin Winter Tires

Michelin is one of the most reputable tire brands in existence. With unprecedented technology, Michelin winter tires offer extreme ice and snow confidence for a variety of vehicles.

They’re known for a decreased risk of hydroplaning due to their exceptional grip. Their grip also improves braking performance and extends the life of the tires.

Michelin winter tires boast great fuel efficiency, and most come with a 6-year warranty.

Goodyear Tires

Goodyear produces quality winter tires, some of which stop up to 6 feet shorter on snow than their competitors. They provide a strong grip and amazing traction, especially in slippery winter conditions.

If you want confidence carving your own path during the winter season, Goodyear tires are an excellent choice.

In addition to Michelin, Goodyear, and BFGoodrich tires, we also sell Uniroyal, Dunlop, Hankook, Yokohama, and Toyo Tires. We can get tires for any make and model of your vehicle.

Plus, we offer a BUY THREE TIRES and GET ONE FREE deal for ANY winter tires you’d like to purchase for your car.

Get the Best Winter Tires for Sale for Your Vehicle

All-season tires are great for light snowy weather, but not harsh winters in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Opting to use winter tires during the harsh winter months is the only way to ensure excellent traction and safe driving in a variety of cold conditions.

As long as you take care of your winter tires, they should last at least 3 to 4 seasons of driving.

Plus, you can save money by purchasing excellent winter tires for sale! Take advantage of our BUY THREE TIRES and GET ONE FREE deal on any tires of your choosing.

Would you like to save money on winter tires and get your vehicle ready for the harsh winter? You can book now or contact us with any questions!

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